ATAC Silver


Entrance Criteria

  • Ideally four legal strokes, must have three strokes that are legal
  • Must be able to swim 25 meters with three legal stokes

Practice Guidelines

80% instruction, 10% training, 10% fun. Teach and continue to improve basic swimming fundamentals
  • Body position
  • Stack and lock streamline
  • Properly kick all four strokes
  • Properly swim all four strokes
  • Starts and Turns
  • Breathing pattern for free and fly introduced: fly – every other, Free – every three: Once they are taught a specific skill they should always perform it correctly.


  • Developmental swim meets that cater to the beginning swimmer
  • Meets are mostly in the Austin area

Competitive Swimming Education

  • Team cheers
  • Basic definition of a goal
  • Determine weekly practice goals

Exit Criteria

  • Streamline off every wall. Be able to push off back, side, and stomach
  • Has knowledge and can execute at least three core drills pertaining to each stroke
  • Can comfortably execute turns
  • Has four legal strokes maintaining proper body position
  • Has a legal 100 IM
  • Has basic knowledge of pace clock skills
  • Can complete 8 x 50 freestyle kick under 1:20 on a 1:50 interval
  • Has good practice habits
  • Understands the rules of swimming
  • Legal starts and finishes
  • Can dive off a starting block
  • Knows how to do a legal relay start
  • Understands and can display good sportsmanship

ATAC Silver Training Fees: $191.00/month

Monday-Friday 4:30-6:30 p.m., 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Saturday