ATAC Purple


Entrance Criteria

  • Swimmers are legal in all strokes 100% of the time
  • Able to compete in all meets assigned by the coaching staff

Practice Structure

  • Up to 18 hours per week during normal training periods

Practice Guidelines

  1. Refining stroke technique and drills for all strokes; Legal in all strokes 100% of the time
  2. Always push off on back and then streamline head past the flags off all walls
  3. Bilateral breathing in free and fly every two when appropriate
  4. Always six beat kick in Freestyle
  5. Proper finishes in every stroke
    • Freestyle – holding breath inside the flags, touch the wall under water with fingertips at full extension on your side
    • Backstroke – touch the wall underwater with the fingertips at full extension
    • Breaststroke – touch the wall under water with the fingertips at full extension with the head in line with the body with both hands
    • Butterfly – holding breath inside the flags and touch the wall under water with the fingertips at full extension with the head in line with the body
  6. Breathing control into and out of the walls
    • Freestyle – hold breath last stroke into the turn and the first cycle out of the turn
    • Butterfly – hold breath last stroke into any wall and the first stroke off any wall
  7. Proper body position and posture in all skills
  8. Comfortable using a snorkel
  9. Performs appropriate long axis and short axis turns and IM transition turns
    • Long Axis Turn – rotate in a tight ball with the legs at a 90 degree angle, flip legs directly over the head, slap the calves on the water, feet shoulder width apart, arms stay close to the body and get into a streamline before the feet hit the wall and push off the wall on the back, then turn to the side and pull with the arm closest to the bottom of the pool to rotate into breakout
    • Continuing to refine the skill of submerging.
    • Short Axis Turns – drive knees to chest very fast after touching the wall, stay in a tight ball just like doing a backward somersault, keep head still with eyes on wall, place feet on the wall shoulder width apart with the feet turned to the side, and push off the wall on side and quickly turn to your stomach
    • Performs the back to breast crossover turn to be used in practice and meets
  10. Performs appropriate start technique
    • Dive Start-Use the track start, have proper spacing of the feet, have the proper bend in the legs so the hips are at the proper height to establish the proper line in the water, make sure the hands grip the block with the fingers and thumbs underneath the arms straight, lean back a little to create tension in the arms, pull up with the hands to get the body moving forward and push with the legs and establish a great streamline and make the whole body enter into one hole in the water. These sequences shall be accomplished in a split second. First push the hands away. Second push hips up. Lastly push with the feet.
    • Back Start – feet shoulder width apart, knees underneath the armpits, legs at 90 degree angle, pull in with the arms while head stays in line with spine, and then push with hands, throw the arms around the body and finally push with legs as body uncoils over the water.
    • Relay start-Appropriate step up and relay starts are refined.
  11. Understands the basics of all drills
  12. Responsible for pace clock skills
  13. Has own marked practice equipment
  14. Embraces the concept of DPS, stroke count and stroke rate
  15. Has an understanding of heart rate and its relationship to training.
  16. Efficiently performs the underwater body dolphin

Competitive Swimming Education

  1. Understands the concept and importance of goal setting and not just focusing on outcomes
  2. Swimmers have two goal setting meetings with coach and parents. Coach will set three uppermost goals per season.
  3. Swimmers visit with the coach before and after each race and cool down to discuss outcome. Swimmers should be able to tell coach how they will approach the race.

ATAC Purple Training Fees: $217.00/month

ATAC Purple Monday-Friday 6:30-8:30 p.m., Saturday 7:30-10:00 a.m.